Buying a tart's mobile palace
is a little fucking rich.

l wasn't calling your mum a tart.
l just meant....

Save your breath for cooling
your porridge.

Right. And she's terrible
partial to the periwinkle blue.

Have l made myself clear?
Yeah, that's perfectly clear, Mickey.
Just give me one minute
to confer with my colleague.

Did you understand a word
of what he said?

l'll tell you what.
l'll bet you for it.
You'll what?
He'll bet you for it.
What, like Tommy did last time?
Do me a favour?

l'll do you a favour.
You have first bet.
lf l win, l get a caravan...

...and the boys get
a pair of them shoes.

lf l lose...
...fuck it, l'll do the fight
for free.

The last thing I really
want to do is bet a pikey.

However, I don't really
have much ofa choice.

Somehow I've got to get him to fight,
but ifI lose....

Well, I don't even want
to think about losing.

Okay. l reckon the hare gets fucked.
What? Proper fucked?
You got that, London?
We're on!