Where the Heart Is

- You and your fives.
- What fives ?

On my fifth birthday, my mama
ran off with a baseball umpire
named Fred and never came back.

After I dropped out of school
and was waitin'tables at Red's,

one of the regulars there
named Gladys went crazy.

When I tried to calm her down
she jumped at me with a steak knife...

and cut me from my wrist
to my elbow.

And what's that
got to do with fives ?

It took 5 stitches
to close her up.

I don't like fives.
- That's it. Let's hit it.
Let's go, let's go !
- Hon,

will you take a picture of us
with my new camera ?

- Wait !
- All around, let's go.
Come on, come on !

- I'm gonna miss you. Call me, okay ?
- All right. Bye.

All right. Bye.
-Jesus, finally. It's already 5:00.
- 5:00 ?

I hope we can a place to live
that overlooks the ocean.

Hell, Novalee, you can't see
the ocean from Bakersfield.

Well-- well,
maybe a pond then.

I wanna get one of those patio tables
with an umbrella over it...

where we can sit with the baby
and drink chocolate milk
and watch the sun go down.

I've never lived anyplace
that didn't have wheels under it.

Hey. Hey !
[ Whistles ]

[ Radio:Rock ]
[ WillyJack Singing ]
Sometimes I wonder

Will I ever make it home