Just Visiting

I don't think
that I've ever seen anyone...

eat a steak
in two bites before.

ANDRE: Thank you, master!
ANDRE: Be blessed!
MAN: I can assure you...
ANDRE: Thank you!
Like some more
truffle sauce with that?

MAN: Excuse me,
but the gentleman...

can't eat off the floor.
He's not a gentleman.
He's my servant...

and he's not worthy
of our company.

Thank you.
I'm truly sorry, sir.
Andre, would you please...

ANDRE: No, no, milady.
It is not possible.

JULIA: Please.
Thibault, please, will you
let him sit at the table?

For me?
I will please you,
lovely one.

Obey, foolish wart.
[All applaud]
MAN: Thank you.
HUNTER: And you were worried
they wouldn't be comfortable.

Actually, the floor wasn't
such a bad place for him.

Easier to hose down.
ANDRE: Cheese!
Very good cheese!

HUNTER: Andre,
what are you doing?

What are you doing?
Andre? No, no!

-Andre, no.
-No. Bad!