Just Visiting

ANDRE: No, no, milady.
It is not possible.

JULIA: Please.
Thibault, please, will you
let him sit at the table?

For me?
I will please you,
lovely one.

Obey, foolish wart.
[All applaud]
MAN: Thank you.
HUNTER: And you were worried
they wouldn't be comfortable.

Actually, the floor wasn't
such a bad place for him.

Easier to hose down.
ANDRE: Cheese!
Very good cheese!

HUNTER: Andre,
what are you doing?

What are you doing?
Andre? No, no!

-Andre, no.
-No. Bad!

Hey. Sit down. Eat this.

JULIA: Hunter, could you--
No. This is for dessert.
All right?

Please, sir, please.

HUNTER: I'm sorry.
I'm terribly sorry.

Just add it to the check.
OK, all right? Thank you.

You eat this after dinner.

No, it's allright.
I'm terribly sorry.

Just add it to the bill.
Thank you.

WAITER: All right.
Do I have something on my face?
You remind me of
the daughter of a king.

Thank you.
HUNTER: On the subject
of Julia's noble ancestry...

you do understand why she was
granted control of the estate?

Julia is a Malfete.
Everything I have is hers.

So you have no objection
if she retains control?


I'm sure you'll be
very pleased with our plans.

They're going to make us--

I mean you and Julia--
very wealthy.