Kort en lang, En

Without a paddle, right, lnge?
- Actually he's got a real creek.

You should've seen me and
Fabienne bowling the other night.

- I worked with her at the C.H.

Orwe go to Boggy Marsh.
Buggery Marsh, more like.

The C.H.?
- The County Hospital.

She's a fab anaesthetist.
When I'm out with him
I practically have to wear awig.

A wig?
- So nobody'll recognise me.

Nothing kinky, though.
He's not into kinky.

That's where I draw the line, too.
At wigs, not kinky.

But he'll never leave
his wife and children.

- Welcome, dear brother.

Happy Birthday.
- Thanks.

I can't stay long.
I'm down to fly tomorrow at ten.

I told Oskaryou had tomorrow off.
You could be a model.

Caroline said Anja's back on the ...
Shall I have
a chat with her?

Jacob, you were born
under a lucky star.

He's the only person
over the age of 7 I know -

- who truly believes
the sun rises for his sake.

Jacob's mother Bine, whose super
potterywe all know and love, -

- has a great story about Jacob.
Bine couldn't come tonight.
But that's OK.

She wasn't invited.
I'm always coming
without being invited.

Shut up, you slag!
- Quiet! Jørgen is telling a story.

You always give the nail head.
You mean
"hit the nail on the head ..."

Back to Bine's story. Jacob used
to do quite a bit of horse-riding.

And as you most ofyou will know,
we actually met on horseback.

I was out running in the park
in a fit of spring fever.

Anyway, when Jacob was ten
he reallywanted a horse.