Kort en lang, En

Shall I have
a chat with her?

Jacob, you were born
under a lucky star.

He's the only person
over the age of 7 I know -

- who truly believes
the sun rises for his sake.

Jacob's mother Bine, whose super
potterywe all know and love, -

- has a great story about Jacob.
Bine couldn't come tonight.
But that's OK.

She wasn't invited.
I'm always coming
without being invited.

Shut up, you slag!
- Quiet! Jørgen is telling a story.

You always give the nail head.
You mean
"hit the nail on the head ..."

Back to Bine's story. Jacob used
to do quite a bit of horse-riding.

And as you most ofyou will know,
we actually met on horseback.

I was out running in the park
in a fit of spring fever.

Anyway, when Jacob was ten
he reallywanted a horse.

Oh, no! Mummy!
So off theywent to the stud farm.
- The stud farm? Can I come?

On the farm Jacob saw two horses
he just couldn't take his eyes off.

One was a beautiful grey gelding,
the otherwas a lovely brown mare.

And Bine asked:
"Jacob, which horse would you like?"

And Jacob answered,
"That one ... and that one."

And so he got them both, because
Jacob always gets what he wants.

And now he wants me.
And yes, I will marryyou.
I'll be with you
for better or forworse, -

- and I'll bearyour children ...
Well, anything's possible nowadays.

Three cheers for my beloved
and future husband.

Jacob, long mayyou live!