Kort en lang, En

Oh, no! Mummy!
So off theywent to the stud farm.
- The stud farm? Can I come?

On the farm Jacob saw two horses
he just couldn't take his eyes off.

One was a beautiful grey gelding,
the otherwas a lovely brown mare.

And Bine asked:
"Jacob, which horse would you like?"

And Jacob answered,
"That one ... and that one."

And so he got them both, because
Jacob always gets what he wants.

And now he wants me.
And yes, I will marryyou.
I'll be with you
for better or forworse, -

- and I'll bearyour children ...
Well, anything's possible nowadays.

Three cheers for my beloved
and future husband.

Jacob, long mayyou live!
And a long one for luck!
I'm going home
before the little one gets too tired.

Put her in the bedroom,
we have The Llon Klng on video.

She's seen it.
We never had a natter tonight.
- Because you're stupid.

Anyway, cheers, mate. Good one.
Push off home!
- Bye.

I'll just get some water.