Kort en lang, En

It certainly is getting cold,
isn't it?

Anyway, we should be ...
Are you leaving?
- Some of us have to work.

W-O-R-K spells job ... ouch!
I have ajob too, you know!
- Yes, you do.

See you, boys.
Aren't you coming?
- In a sec.

Aren't you coming?
- In a sec.

Nice rack, that new girl.
I wouldn't mind doing her.

She's zero years old ...
How about finding
someone your own age?

Just to see what it's like?
- Great rack, eh?

Actually, I pulled the bartender
at that dyke do.

Went over to her place, and
it really smelled cookery-like.

She'd baked nut pie.
- So?

Turns out she's avegetarian.
Who wants to fuck avegetarian?

Theywon't suck cock.
I mean, they don't like meat.

Anyway, suddenlywe're in bed,
and she's on top.

And to show some initiative, I
politely shoved a finger up her bum.

That really got her off.
When I got home and brushed my
teeth, I caught awhiff of my finger.

It fucking smelled of nut pie.
Want one?

You're sick.
- I'm sick?

Your kind of sex was illegal
for most of the last century.

Are you coming, orwhat?
- In a sec.

Nice arse in those shoes.
- Cheers.

Listen Jacob,
I really respect you.

- Hey, seriously.

Honestly, you're a really great ...
- Architect.

And I really don't mind
that other business ...

Stop it. You're drunk.
Will you lay off, for fuck's sake?
I'm not the firm's token poof.