Kort en lang, En

Turns out she's avegetarian.
Who wants to fuck avegetarian?

Theywon't suck cock.
I mean, they don't like meat.

Anyway, suddenlywe're in bed,
and she's on top.

And to show some initiative, I
politely shoved a finger up her bum.

That really got her off.
When I got home and brushed my
teeth, I caught awhiff of my finger.

It fucking smelled of nut pie.
Want one?

You're sick.
- I'm sick?

Your kind of sex was illegal
for most of the last century.

Are you coming, orwhat?
- In a sec.

Nice arse in those shoes.
- Cheers.

Listen Jacob,
I really respect you.

- Hey, seriously.

Honestly, you're a really great ...
- Architect.

And I really don't mind
that other business ...

Stop it. You're drunk.
Will you lay off, for fuck's sake?
I'm not the firm's token poof.

Hl, Carollne speaklng.
You moron!
Do you want to come in?
I've just had a shower.

I mean, I'll put the kettle on.
- No, thanks.

I just wanted to ask about
an advent present for Oskar.

But it's already December8.
I meant Christmas present.