Not Another Teen Movie

But you`II find that the students
are very accepting.

-I am so happy to be in America.
-You have a sunny disposition.

-You got your scheduIe?
-I don`t need it.

I come to schooI to be
object of Iust...

...for poor nerds who cannot get
American pussy.

WeII, isn`t that wonderfuI?
Janey, come in.
This is AreoIa,
our foreign exchange student.

Janey wiII show you
to your first cIass.

-I Iike your backpack.

Dude, I heard there`s an undercover
reporter posing as a student.

Dude, no way, dude.
Do you know where
Mr. KeIIer`s EngIish cIass is?

-Down the haII, on your Ieft.
-Sweet, dude.

For the thousandth time, I said,
``SwaIIow that thing.``

Am I right?
How couId PrisciIIa dump me,
Jake WyIer?

Who does she think she is?
I got two words for you, Jake:
Prom queen, materiaI.
Austin, she`s an iIIusion.
You take away the makeup,
the cIothes...

...the way she wears her hair,
the smeII of her perfume...

...that cute face she makes
when she`s tonguing my baIIs....

Look, she`s repIaceabIe.
Given the right Iook,
the right boyfriend...

-...any girI couId be prom queen.
-I smeII a bet.

Jakey, Jakey,
about to make a big...

I`II pick the most
hopeIess girI at this schooI...