At kende sandheden

l'd been thinking of the surgical
treatment of epilepsy for my thesis -

- when l heard about the boys.
May l see the images again?
Did you give them Thorotrast?
Yes. After all, it's all we've got.
You did a Thorotrast test
because they were epileptic?

But epilepsy is not
an indication for Thorotrast!

The whole world uses Thorotrast
for all sorts of tests.

l couldn't care less
about the rest of the world.

This department only uses Thorotrast
for matters of life or death.

l used small doses.
They're young.

That makes it even worse. lt'll stay
in their bodies all life long.

What will happen
in 10, 20, 50 years' time?

Their lives weren't at risk!
But l've cured their seizures!
He must have operated
on 10,000 patients in his life.

My childhood was a torment thanks
to his concern for his patients.

He ought to be taking it easy now.
But he's tormenting himself.

''The happy days of old age
Ne'er will they return''!

Goodbye, Mum.
l had surgery
for a brain tumour in 1946 -

- and now they say
l have cancer of the liver.

They used Thorotrast?
- So it turns out.