And it was perhaps
the weirdest dirty movie...

that I've ever seen.
I want to know how
Handsome got his hands...

on something this...
super dirty.

Perhaps you should talk to him.
Oh, don't worry. I will.
I most certainly will.
Yes, Daddy?
Now, my dad's porn
was so weird...

there was no way
he was gonna talk about it.

Was there something
you wanted to tell me?

And the truth is...
that was the least
of his problems with me.

-Good night.
-Good night, Daddy.

I was the type of kid
that wouldn't even get up...

to go to school in the morning
without putting up a fight.

Now, being a single parent
is never easy...

especially when your kid is me.
Here he comes.
Here he comes.

I taught him that move.
Basically, we were at war...
and I wasn't going
to let him win.

I am not going
to let you win!

Now, he used to threaten
to send me away all the time...

and I would threaten him
with running away from home.

Sammy was always there
to talk me out of it.

That's a big-ass suitcase.
Listen, Handsome, I need
some help with geometry.

You know, some secret help.
Geometry? I don't go
to school anymore.

But everybody
has to go to school.

Not me.
Listen, Handsome, this is crazy.
Where are you gonna sleep?

Well, I'm not sleeping
at the nut house.

My dad told me that
they got kids there...

that eat their own shit
with a fork and knife.