Sex Is Comedy

A thing and its opposite.
But in the dune scene.
something happened.

You let yourself go.
You stopped protecting yourself,
worrying if you were obscene.
Fear of being obscene,
makes one obscene.

The camera frames
what one sees. doesn't see.

or thinks one sees.
And the emotion you convey.
Emotion is never dirty or obscene.
It's grace.

Sorry to interrupt your
intimate conversation...

It's not intimate.
I watched you from afar,
I didn't dare come over.

How did we look?
You have a weird relationship
with your Actor,

so passionate, like two wildcats.
No one dares interfere.
as you go at each other.

It started badly,
but I think we'll get over that.

He's horribly proud!
- One more?
- No. that's it.

Which do we print?
The last one for sure. and...
Take 2.
- There's Take 4.
- Did you like it?

Not bad. Smilier.
I'm not wild about smiles.
That one too, can't do any harm.
2. 4 and the last one!
He has to try on his fake penis.
I'm in no hurry for that!
Knowwhat I call him?
"Minimum Service."