-. . .and you're out of a job.
-We'll all be out of a job.

What do they teach you in China?
Let's go. Bring it on.

-You rocked!
-We're screwed.

-We know nothing about these shows.
-There are rules.

Call L.A.P.D. and get clearances.
And find a cameraman.

-ls Julio out of traction?
-l'll call the hospital.

-What if our Dirty Harry says no?
-Everybody wants to be on TV.

1 0-36. lt looks like the stolen cuffs
were an inside job.

That's very funny, guys.
Very funny. Very well-written.
What are you reading,
the Jenny Craig newsletter?

FYl, my friend,
a lot of this is muscle.

lt's a flyer for some new
reality-TV cop show.

-l got to be part of this.
-Thought you wanted to be a detective.

l'm a cop
and l'm a professional actor.

Your career consists of a few lines
on an episode of Diagnosis Murder.

All l need is the right part
and l'll get my big break.

Know how old Sam Jackson was
when he got his break? He was 42.

Okay, but he's got, gosh,
what's that thing called? Talent.

l'm talented. l ain't no Sam Jackson,
but l'm talented.

Your partner will be Mitch Preston.
We know who'd wear the cuffs there.

He nailed the other lead?
He's front-page news.
Everybody's talking about him.

l'd blow his old ass off the screen
every night.

You crazy? Mitch Preston, please!
l said, ""Do you wanna take your feet
off the desk?""