Stark Raving Mad

Rikki, how do you think
Gregory would react...

...if we told him "You know what?
We're not gonna steal the statue"?

We end up like Ching One-Eye,
that's how.

I'll take care of Partridge.
Hey, Partridge, I need
a big black marker, you got one?

I saw the way you and that
little shit looked at each other...

...when I said I was gonna be here.
You two are planning on breaking all
sorts of laws tonight, aren't you?

I see anything
that could get me shut down...

...underage drinking, noise, drugs...
...I am pulling the plug
on your asses!

Good. Black marker. May I?
And when I say "Turn the music down,"
you say "How much, Mr Partridge?"

- You got it?
- Relax, OK? Good God!

The DJ we hired is really mellow,
a real peace, love, kind of...

Are you done fucking with me?!
I'll be right back.
Why did you shove him?
I didn't. I was just asking him
not to touch my records.

I was just trying to help him
carry them inside.

And that involved touching them,
didn't it?

All right, now that we're even,
who the hell are you?

Is that, like,
some kind of a trick question?

- Where's DJ Max?
- He couldn't make it.

People are coming to hear DJ Max.
His name's all over the flyers.

- All right, what's your name?
- Steve Moulding.

No, I mean your DJ name.
Oh, oh, my DJ name.
That'll be Steven Moulding.

Look, asshole...
:06:41 need a DJ name,
like... DJ Max has.

Who the fuck wants to hear Steven
Moulding? I don't. Do you, Rikki?

Fuck you.
All right, DJ Fuck You it is. Rikki?