The Santa Clause 2

- Don't you?
- No! That's not how it works!

Get me the naughty-nice list.
Get me every list!

Get me everything.
Mr O'Reilly, Mr Leary.
You in charge of the gangbangers?
They're students,
actually, and yes.

Keep 'em away from the car.
It's new.

I don't need some delinquent
kids scratchin' it up.

They're not delinquents.
And don't worry about your car.

I'd worry about your legs
in those shorts.

I thought only swimmers
shaved their legs!

Whoa, good one!
- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Brought you coffee.
- Thank you.

- So you have a nice-guy side.
- I'm a man of many sides.

I'm a puzzle.
I'm a Rubik's Cube with pants.

- A laugh! Actual laugh.
- Dad, it doesn't come off.
- It's not supposed to come off.

Hence you've got to be
careful where you put it.

Hence tagging is serious.
Hence your presence here.

Don't say "hence" any more, Dad.
It's really annoying.

Nicely done!
How do you do it? I have trouble
with one. You have hundreds.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- I was really good this year.
Is that so? Are you absolutely
sure about that, Pamela?

I want a doll house
and a swimming pool.

A swimming pool?
I'm sorry. She insisted
on talking to you.

- It's not a problem.
- OK.

I'll tell you what. If you can
promise me you'll be good,

I can guarantee
you'll have a great Christmas.

- OK! Yeah!
- Come on.

Kids get so nutty
this time of year.

- Is she a neighbour?
- No.

Oh. How did you know her name?
Oh, the... necklace,
it said Pamela on it.