Who'll believe that
nothing happened between us?

I hear someone coming,
you must go.

- One word...
- I've said.

- Change it or I'll die.
- Then we'll die.

- Klara, I beg you...
- Go, quickly.

God be with you.
I got here as fast as I could.

I wore out several horses
and came in such haste

that my new carriage
was left in splinters.

And I am sure, Papkin,
that you came on foot,

after gambling away in some tavern
the money I sent for the journey.

Look at my pistol then.
- What about it?
- I was shooting.

At crows, no doubt.
Whom I shot and where,
I cannot divulge,

but cards are not the reason
for my delay.

You know that men drop like flies
when I start shooting.

- Who else?
- Moths or mosquitoes?

- You'll never believe it anyway.
- I'm not a fool, my dear, dear sir.

- That a breakfast?!
- Yes, breakfast.

My dear Cupbearer, I haven't
eaten for six days and nights.

- Then eat and listen.
- Yes, sir!

Everyone knows
I never miss a shot.

And everyone knows
I could toss you in the dungeon