Capturing the Friedmans

do you have any objection
in my relationship with you?

Do you like it
when she calls you slime?

She did.
Did you like it
when she did?

Did you like it when
The other cases that
I've written about

those families
have been much stronger.

First of all,
they've started from

a monolithic feeling
of innocence

which didn't exist
in this family

because of Arnold's pedophilia.
And they just buckled down
and everybody gets behind
the defendant

the accused family member.
People quit their jobs.
And, you know
people were all sitting around
the kitchen table

for the next 3 years with
staplers and Xerox machines

and they're working on
the defense.

And then when the defendant
is convicted

they're working on the appeal
and all family conflict
is submerged.

Why don't you try once
to be supportive of me?

Well, I'll tell you why.
Because we all started at
the beginning of this thing

and I
Well let's start
from right now.

OK, let's start
from right now.

All right, let's start
from right now.

We'll all start brand new.
We have a decision making
process on the table.

All the past mistakes,
they were mistakes.

We're not gonna hold them
against anyone.

Great, great.
Now we're starting afresh.
Stop. Lower your voice,
and talk nicely to your sons.

Alright, now we're gonna do it,
starting now.

Seth, why don't you call me?
Do I bawl you out?
Seth is
...against me
and she can't hold it
against me.

Well, now it's time
to call it

'cause Mommy's sad
and stuff.