Goldfish Memory

Are you alright?
The only person who'd care if I did
myself in now would be my mother.

And she'd only be troubled
by the inconvenience.

- That's not true.
- You don't know my mother!

No. I would care.
That's very kind of you to say so.

Thank you for saving my life.
It wasn't high enough
to kill you anyway.

I might have fractured my wrist...
or scraped my knee!
Excuse me. Would you get your man
over there whichever he's having?

- Thanks.
- Helen, what are you at now?

It's only a bit of fun.
We both know the only cure
for heartache is a good ride.

Sir, if you'll have another drink, it's
coming from those 2 ladies over there.

He's alright.
- Not really my type.
- Rosie...

you're "type" is at this moment
having sex with a man.

I'm trying to expand
your range here.

He's coming over.
Hi, sorry. I don't mean to intrude,
I just wanted to...

...thank you for the drink.
- You're welcome.

- Would you like to join us?
- No, no...

Okay, yeah, I'll...
I'll just get my drink.
"Ein den kleine..."
Oh, my God!
You speak German!

A bit.
Read some more.