Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

She's ours, boys!
Foul! You got away before me.
- Set royals and courses.
- Sir.

Have the idlers placed along the rails.
I've never seen the like.
It has to be more than 100 sea miles
and he brings us up on his tail.

That's seamanship, Mr Pullings.
My God, that's seamanship.

Told you it would work, Will.
We'll have them by nightfall.

- I think we've got him, sir.
- And the wind favours us this time.

Don't count your eggs
before they're in the pudding.

Still, if we can close this gap
and get up behind her, she may well be ours.

Touch wood. Scratch a stay.
Turn three times.
May the Lord and saints preserve us.

Move along, man.
We'll have lost him before you rig it up!

- 12 knots, sir.
- That's 12 knots. That's good.

I want more. Have all the spare hands
placed on the windward rail.

Mr Hollar. Rouse up the off-watch.
All hands on starboard rail!
Come up the larboard topsail sheets!
- We're crackin' on!
- We'll be crackin' up if he don't watch it!