Shattered Glass

Does that mean
you'll help me with it?

Why? Do you have finals
this week?

Okay, moving right along.
Chuck, what do you have
for us?


That's a bit of a hard act
to follow.

Very hard act to follow.
l'm starting the piece on Haiti,
and l'll be going to--
Don't let me interrupt.

- Hey, Marty.
- Michael.

l'm going to be going
to Port-au-Prince for a few days.

Marty Peretz, our boss,
he's a little scary.


How about the commas and dates?
Are we supposed to circle those too?

Let's just get this done, okay?
What the hell is this?
Marty told us to circle
all the commas in the last issue,

so he could show us
how we used them improperly.

He said, ''Commas
should always appear in pairs.''

Apparently the issue was rife
with comma errors.

- ''Rife''?
- That's what he said.

l see.
No, l'm not angry, Marty.
l'm embarrassed for you.

These people work
grueling hours for meager pay.

They deserve a thank you,
not another one
of your world-famous tantrums.

Yeah, okay. l'd resign before
l'd let you bully them like that again.

And l will.
Do you understand that?

Okay. Thank you.
( handset slams )

''The Great Comma Debate''
is history,