Zaak Alzheimer, De

If you think you can do
this to me,

you've got another thing coming!
One phone call!
One phone call to Marseille!

You don't get it.
Nobody will do it.

Forget it.
We'll find somebody else.

No, you won't!
No? Give me one reason
why not.

I'll give you three.
And three!
The treasure-chest of your good friend
Bob Van Camp. Understood?

But ok! Did you hire a bunch of
carnival singers?

My customer wants to see you.
Tomorrow. Here, same time.

Don't forget your box.
Your wallet...
Mr. Seynaeve.
Van Camp has just disappeared.
Even his mistress doesn't know

They check the passenger lists
at the airports.

He fled abroad.
Is that what they think?

Is there any concrete information
or is it occupational therapy?

Concrete information?
Occupational therapy?

Our intellectual legal friend
from the Judicial Police.

If you need information,
we're very happy to oblige.

But first send us an
official piece of paper.

You're good at that, aren't you?
Sorry, commissioner. We didn't know you
people could read.

I didn't know you had to
learn to shoot.

And since you have to learn
to shoot, Mr. Verstuyft,

why don't you have your
own shooting range?

Unfortunately, we don't have the
same budgets as the national police.