50 First Dates

Oh, okay. Sorry, Sue.
And the real cool thing about walruses
is they're very mysterious.

-Yeah, yeah.

We don't really know what
they're like in the wild.

Don't they just sleep on icebergs
and yawn all the time?

All we really see is what they do
outside of the water...

...but who knows what
they do under the ice...

...where they spend
two-thirds of their lives.

Well, maybe they're intimidating the
other creatures with their big winkies.

That is one theory.
-l have to go.
-Where you going?

lt's my dad's birthday, and we go
every year and we pick a pineapple.

-lt's a tradition.
-That sounds nice. Okay, well...

...l had a great time.
-Me too.

Would you like to have breakfast
again tomorrow morning, same time?

-Because l teach an art class at 10.

-l wish l could make it...

...but, yes, l will be there.
-Take care.

-One for the road. lt is fishy.
-Got you good.


See you tomorrow.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my goodness.
l had a bee on me.
-All right.
-He was a big one.

Which means
''look at those two shitheads.''

That was the stupidest-looking
swing l've ever seen.

l'm gonna take a Molokai
on that one.

No throwing. Come on.
Stop laughing, you hyenas.
Let's see what you get.

Okay, you heard me. Go! Go!
Show papa what you got.