After the Sunset

Damn it, Max.
Is this what we're here for?
No. It's not.
This is not retirement at all.
This is the next setup, isn't it?
Babe, you chose
this island, remember?

I hope you don't think
this is a gift from God.

'Cause this is God messing with us.
Oh, no. Max.
Did Stan do this?
Sort of.
I figured he'd bug the place,
so I started checking.

Did you find any?
Only what he wanted me to find.
There's another one here somewhere.
Now, don't worry.
I already checked.

There's nothing in there.
That's the problem.
There's nothing in here.
What is it?
What's wrong?

I hid the bullet in the camera.
What bullet?
The one he shot you with.
Oh, no.
I kept it to remind me
of how close I came to losing you.

Lola, you know that bullet
puts me on the scene.

I know, I know. I'm sorry.
I'll get it back.
Good morning, Mr. Lloyd.
Your suite is ready.

- Suite?
- Suite, sir.

It's a larger room.
Atlantis reserves this bridge suite
for our more dignified guests.

Breakfast is on the house, these are
vouchers for free tennis lessons,

complimentary skin exfoliant,
seaweed body wrap and facial scrub,