Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

...Skotlett area...
witnesses say....

...a huge slimy mass...
...smell of putrefaction...
chances are...

You're tuned to Radio Skotlett...
You'll never believe my luck.
I feel like I've sniffed a hose full of coke.
I feel great!

Sure, it's the fresh air!
Some town I've landed in!
I've run into some real numbers!
Dumber than a box of rocks.

No, she's not with me.
Fire her Monday.
I want her gone for good.

Dunno... Walking home, I guess.
I'll tell you about it. I'm staying.
- Hi, Daddy.
- Hi, sweetie.

Know what this is?
- Know what this is?
- Guacamole?

It's the start of your career.
Your big break.

- Guess who's here today?
- Who?

An impresario. A friend!
Mr. Shitass!

From the city to see you.
No, I'm staying.
Because I landed...
I'm trawling for nookie.

It's top drawer!
Go up, he wants to talk to you.
Take him up some food.
It'll show you're polite.