Atomik Circus - Le retour de James Bataille

I'm going.
I dunno, by midnight. What?
I fuck her blind and go.
Hold on! I'll call you back.
Need help?
I tripped over the mat.
The mat?
Set it down, Cinderella, and scram.

- You're Consia?
- Yes.

Sorry! I took you for the maid.
Please, do come in. Forgive me.
What's your company?
Schitz Records.
Sit down. Let's get acquainted.
Sounds good but I never heard of it.
It's an independent label.
So, you been doing this long?
Well, you see, actually,
I sing, I play guitar,
and I make my outfits, too.

I write all my songs myself.
I listen to folks talk, I pick up odds
and ends, knit them all together,
and out comes a song!

I can imagine the quality,
seeing this place...

Or I get up early in a good mood,
some sun, and the inspiration comes.

But that's not often. I'm a late riser.
That must be a problem, right?
There's not much to do around here.
Yes, I see.
I talk too much.
I've never met an impresario.
I feel nervous.

Not at all! Just relax.
You're doing just fine.

You know, an impresario is...
is just a man.

- Mind if I get changed?
- Yes.