Comme une image

When she sees the orchestra
with another singer...

- What did you think?
- I was in shock

I thought, no way
I wrote this idiotic crap

I must be an idiot. It got to me
- I wish I'd seen it
- Should have ditched our thing

- My thing...
- There's Vincent

You told me too late
I can't ditch 10 people

It's hard to agree on a time.
I couldn't do that to them

- You lost weight?
- Not a bit

See that? Some people go right in
What is that?
Are there two types of guests?

You mean some
get special treatment? No

Oh good
You can't make the actors wait
Look! It's him!
That's Cassard. At the entrance there!
Oh, he's gone. Did you see?
- Rare, seeing you in trance
- Trance?

You're suddenly wired. It's funny
I like a writer
I see him go by, I'm happy

- Was I in trance?
- Not really

He's a good writer and publisher
OK, but I need to see the invite
Ask Mr. Cassard. He's my father.
He just went in. Go find him

I can't leave my station
Step aside. You're in the way
You can't stay here.
You're in the way

Karine, it's Lolita.
They won't let me in

Go somewhere else with that
I'm starved.
Does the invite say there's food?

There's food. Who has the invites?
What do you mean?
I gave them to you at the theater
I don't have them. I'm sure I don't
No, I'm certain I don't.
I'll look, but...

Sorry, Édith,
but you never gave them to me

I can see myself doing it