Feux rouges

What'd I tell you?
We're on the wrong road.
It never occurs to you
you could be mistaken.

Say what's on your mind for once!
- Remember that 125-mile detour?
- To avoid traffic!

Not intentionally.
You trying to piss me off?
Just say so!

Shut up a second!
I'm trying to see where we are.

I think we're on Route 182
heading toward Blois.

Sure you won't turn around?
- Furious?
- Me?

You see anyone else here?
Just because I dared ignore the arrow
and we'll make a detour.

- What's wrong?
- You almost hit the guardrail.

Can't I drive?
And get there three weeks from now?
- The lady doesn't like my driving?
- Watch the road.

I'll watch the road,
I'll drive nicely, carefully,
without going off the tracks.

You know which tracks I mean?
You get my meaning?

Is this necessary?
That you care what I think?
It might help you.

- Help me what?
- Help you...

To understand me, for instance.
And in that way...

to make my life easier.
But I doubt that really interests you.
You're far too selfish.
If you loved me even a little, you'd...
- Finish your sentence!
- What's dumber than a train?

I felt like a train on that highway.
I had to get off the tracks.

Do all these guys ask their wives
before getting a beer?

You had a beer?
- What'd you drink?
- A scotch.

A double?
- And before?
- Before what?

What did you drink before you got gas?
- Nothing.
- Is that so?