Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Wow! That was amazing.
I cannot believe how easy that was.

Dude, how do you think
I get all my shit done?

I'm telling you, those Asian guys
love crunching numbers.

You probably
just made his weekend.

Chick magnet
Chick magnet. Chick magnet
Chick magnet. Yeah
An excellent point, Mr. Patel.
You are one of the finest applicants
I have ever interviewed.

Thank you.
It comes as no surprise. Your father
is highly respected in his field.

As you probably heard
from your old man,

he and I had some pretty wild times
back in med school.

Yeah. We started
our own basketball team...

the Hemoglobin Trotters.
Hemo-globin Trotters...
get it?

A play on the name of the famous
colored, Negro basketball squad...

black, African-American.
You know, people of colors.
Let's end up with one final question,
just as a formality.

What are some potential
symptoms of pancreatitis?

Well, you would have
epigastric tenderness,

diffuse abdominal tenderness...
I'm sorry.
Can you hold on one second?

Kumar's phone.
Kumar speaking.

Hey, what's up? It's me.
What are you doing?

Nothing important. I can talk.
What's going on?

Listen, I can't party tonight, okay?
I gotta stay late at the office.

Dude, fuck that shit.
We had plans.

I know, but I got
a lot of work to do.

When has getting high ever
prevented you from doing your work?

Believe me.
I would love to come home. Okay?

- I got a lot of work to do.
- Thank you. I'll do that.

I got a quarter of the
finest herb in New York City.

I'm not smoking
that shit alone, okay?

So you need to just chill the fuck out
and prepare to get blazed

because in the next couple of hours,
I expect both of us to be
blitzed out of our skulls, got it?

All right, I got it.
I'll talk to you later.
Where was I?

We've got the severe anal discharge,
sometimes violent... a.k.a. Diarrhea.

Mr. Patel, I am more than familiar
with diarrhea.

Do you actually believe
after the way you've just behaved

that I would ever even consider
recommending you for admission?

No. I'm gonna
be honest with you.