I Heart Huckabees

Now, don't give up now.
Didn't she vacuum a lot?

But then he vacuumed her.
I had to chop him up with a machete.

Okay, Albert. I can let you
in on a couple of secrets.

One, your mind is always
occupied on something...

so it may as well be something helpful
like Mrs. Schirmir and her vacuum cleaner.

Two, there is
no such thing as you and me.

So then there's
just nothing?

Three, there's
no such thing as nothing.

There is no remainder
in the mathematics of infinity.

There's only the blanket.
I thought I understood the blanket.
Now I'm not sure.

Flags and bags.! Huckabees says,
'Happy birthday, Mr. President. '

50% off all knapsacks
and pocketbooks.

Oh, say, can you see
how good this looks?

Let freedom ring.
At Huckabees...

the everything store.
''Huckabees cornucopia
of stuff we all want.

''But what happened to the gazelles?
Were they squashed...

under the CD department?''
- Hey, Albert, how's it goin'?
- What are you doing here, Brad?

I met Brad when
I was investigating you.

He called with his own existential
conundrum. That's all.

- I'm really glad I found out about these people.
- That's bullshit.

He doesn't care about
things like this.

Bring me the African guy.
Where's that African guy?

- Dude, what're you talking about?
- Why does he get to write poetry?

There's no gazelles in North America.
Just so you know.

And that building squashing nature
is my imagery. You don't write poetry.

[ Bernard ]
Everyone's intake procedure is different.

I asked Brad to write a poem.
And it wasn't enough that
you came to my coalition...

now you have to
come here and do-- Okay, okay.

[ Bernard ]
All right, that's good.

We're the same, Brad.
It's all the blanket.

There you go.
Give it a shot.

- That is wonderful, Albert.
- Oh, honey, he's got it.

How are things
at the coalition, Brad?

Great. Much smoother.
Great, I look forward to coming back
and working with you.

I don't think that's going
to happen, my friend.