I Heart Huckabees

I'm still in the charter.
I built the coalition from scratch.

Yeah. Yeah. Well, I don't want
to cramp you here.

That's what you mean to do.!
That's exactly what you mean to do.!

- What?
- What?
- What?

You see what he's doing?
Tell them what you're doing.

-He's come here to conquer you
like he conquered my coalition.

And now he's here today to unnerve me so
that when Orrin comes to town, I will blow it.

- That's what you mean to do.
- Albert, please.!

- Oh, my God, Brad. You're killing me.
- What are you talking about?

What am I talking--
Okay, when Orrin comes, I'll blow it.

I'll get kicked out, and then he can do
whatever he wants with the coalition.

- Who's Orrin?
- Orrin is the Open Spaces national director.

He's coming to review
our charter.

I hope this isn't about Dawn.
He has a crush on my girlfriend.

- That's crazy!
- Why do you stare at her?

-She's a model.!
-[ Brad Laughs ]

- I'm going home.
- Oh, no.! Albert, please.
Stay with us for mancala hour.

I'm gonna have a fucking ball
at mancala hour, aren't I?

Maybe Albert
should meet his other.

What? Tommy? No, that's
a bad idea right now.

Yes, a dicey move. Maybe even dangerous,
but potentially inspired.

Bernard, give them
both a connection.

Maybe, but Tommy's in a bad direction.
It could spread to Albert.

You said Tommy was gonna be fine.
What are you leaving out?

Nothing. Give him his other.
It's an inspired idea. It's groovy.

The connection will
come back to us, Bernard.

- It all comes around. Like
you say, take the long view.
- Long view.

- What's the other?
- We're going to find out right now. Shh.

#[ Woman Singing In Spanish ]
- [ Man ] There was a drought.
- #[ Woman Continues ]

- There was no crop.
- #[ Woman Continues ]

No olives.
No soul of life.
No rabbit in the oven.
We mashed locusts
and made bread.