I Heart Huckabees

Bernard, give them
both a connection.

Maybe, but Tommy's in a bad direction.
It could spread to Albert.

You said Tommy was gonna be fine.
What are you leaving out?

Nothing. Give him his other.
It's an inspired idea. It's groovy.

The connection will
come back to us, Bernard.

- It all comes around. Like
you say, take the long view.
- Long view.

- What's the other?
- We're going to find out right now. Shh.

#[ Woman Singing In Spanish ]
- [ Man ] There was a drought.
- #[ Woman Continues ]

- There was no crop.
- #[ Woman Continues ]

No olives.
No soul of life.
No rabbit in the oven.
We mashed locusts
and made bread.

I have no idea what you guys
are talking about.

I thought we were going
to talk about petroleum.

Mrs. Echevarria visits us
once a year from Spain.

She's sort of a little
treat for our clients.

A kind of
spiritual petit four.

Something that would be useful for you
to be accustomed to.

- Yeah, a real treat.
- You have received your answer.

Senorita, the petroleum situation
was not created by nature...

like the drought or
the olives or any of that.

It was created by people,
and this is the facts.

It was created by people who
act like nothing's happening...

- and that's causing all the problems.
- No, no, Tommy.

- One question only. Uno.
- Okay.

- Here's the question--
- No, no. I think--

You've had your question and the answer,
Tommy, please. Senora is tired.

Senorita, why do people only ask
themselves deep questions...

when something
really bad happens?

Then they forget
all about it after. Right?

How come people are

And third,
I refuse to use petroleum...

but there's no way I can stop its use
in my lifetime, is there?

Jimmy Carter would have
a great electric car by now.