Come and eat your food at once!
-Helena, leave her be.

She only wants
the master chef's grub.

Matti knows just how much
fennel a vegetable soup needs.

I can't even boil potatoes anymore.
It's not Sini's fault.
I shouldn't shout at her.

Is it him?
-He received my letter today.

I'm too tired to talk with him.
I'll call him tomorrow.

Am I an impossible person?
-No, you're not.

Am I overreacting?
-No, you're not.

Matti had never
laid a finger on me.

I know I made him angry,
but he had pissed me off first.

It was actually good he hit me.
Now I have an excuse to leave him.

I couldn't stand his cringing eyes,
his inane ramblings about -

how some senile general's
mouth should be taped shut -

because he's talking patriotism
during an ice hockey game...

I'm sorry. You've heard
these things a thousand times.

you're at the end of your tether.

Go to sleep. I'll give you a pill.
-They're not working.

Even though I take one,
I always have this nightmare -

that the room is full of octopuses.
I'm flailing my arms around -