Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo

l like soft and weak.
-You do?
-l want a man who's unemployed.

And went to a community college.
l am, and l did.
-You know what really turns me on?

ls thinking about him
in his tighty whities...

...sitting at his computer...
...and visiting different porn sites...
...and taking the free tour
with no intention of ever joining.

l don't have a credit card!
-Kiss my chest.

-Bite me!
-You sure?

Harder! Bite me harder!
Get off of my titty,
you doped-up cracker!

No more spacecakes for you.
Hey. l'm sorry about that, T.J.
l must have gotten a contact buzz.

What'd l tell you about
making me look gay?

Not ten minutes go by
and you got your mouth...

...all over my breasteses.
My nipple's ruined!
You're lucky l was born with a spare.
There go one of my ho's.
The old guy in the walker's
one of your ho's?

Yeah. Why ain't his ancient ass
out there making me my money?

Kaiser! Get your old ass
back in the booth!

Deucey, meet me back
at the float-crib.

Bitches out here act like
they never seen a pimp before.

l raise my hand, they look at it like
it's a goddamn croissant. Then:

Feel my pimp hand.
Where's the boat?
Oh. You scared me.
Hey. Do you know who l am?