Habana Blues

for tourists. I get my share
during the day at the fair.

Give her a kiss for me.
TelI her I'Il stop by next week

with the kids.
Where the fuck is Rober?
The Spaniards are overthere.
-Let's meet them.
-No, wait for Rober.

-Feardoesn't win battIes.
-Rushing doesn't either.

What's up?
Where were you?
We've been waiting for 2 hours.

-Take it easy.
-We don't have alI day.

-We have work later.
-It's aIl set.

I aIready gave them your demo.
It's aIl arranged.

l just need your heIp
with a coupIe things.

The Spaniards wanta beachhouse,
nota hotel. I don't know any.

Damn, Rober.
-What an amateur.
-Hey, fuck you.

-Piece of cake, man.
-Make sure it's amazing.

-And with a good cook.
-Find out how much they'lI spend.

The otherthing...
We'lI look into it.
Things are tight,
but we'lI try.

If you have any more questions,
you can ask me later. Goodbye.

Goodbye, thank you.
Marta, Lorenzo,
these are Tito and Ruy.

The musicians
who gave us the demo.

-Hi. Nice to meet you.

l think you'lI like them. It's the
type of stuff we're Iooking for.

Any previous records

No, producing
is so expensive here...

Cuba's blocked.
It's a tough situation.

-But you'lI love ourstuff.
-I'd like to hear it.

-They're finding a beachhouse.
-Give us a coupIe days.

With a big living room,
for an office. Money's no object.

Then space won't be a probIem.