Kort en lang, En

A Skinny Latte ...
... and one Latte.
Is that with skimmed milk?
- Yeah.

I wasn't pissed. You were pissed.
- I don't remember that.

That's 'cos you were wasted.
You all were.

It was awicked party.
That Caroline ... Cor!
I wouldn't mind having a bit of play
while hubbie's away ...

Nicely stacked.
- Shut up.

One shouldn't waste quality snatch.
- Shut it!

What the fuck's wrong with you?
Been born again?

Would you get us some coffee?
- Black?

Yeah, cheers.
Milk and sugar?
- Yeah, cheers.

I mean, of course it hurts.
But it's a different kind of pain.
A bit like having an orgasm.
A really long orgasm.

Aren't you going to have one soon?
- An orgasm?

A child. Your own child.
- I want to finish my thesis first.

And I want Oskar to enjoy being
an only child a little while longer.

There isn't really space.
- It's a three bedroom house!

You're far too good.
You're just stuck with that kid.

It's not like that at all.
Caroline speaking.
Oh, hi!

Yes, I can just make it.
See you there.

... Who was that?
- Hi.

It was a great night.
- Yeah.

That's what
I wanted to talk to you about.