No answer, damn it.
Sini told me that Matti rubs
naked men in our apartment.

What in God's name?
-For some fucking reason -

he's begun massaging people.
When he was younger,
he took massaging classes -

and during the depression
he earned money that way.

Shit. I need something
to calm me down.

Do you want some?
-No thanks.

I don't give a flying fuck
who he massages and when -

but Sini doesn't need to see
naked and sweaty geezers.

Did you see what Matti looked like?
-No, why?

How would I say it...
He's changed.

He's lost a lot of weight.
-He's lost his marbles.

Shit, I overslept.
Did I miss something?

No problemo.
One Russkie lorry stood us up.

This place is
as quiet as a graveyard.

Matti Virtanen, sit on your ass.
I noticed you've
set up a practice.

How do you know that?
-I read it in the paper.

I was looking for a legitimate
masseur and saw your number.

I can't remember phone numbers.
-No, not the pushbuttons.